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The Live Active Frozen Yogurt Association’s independent Real Dairy Frozen Yogurt and Live & Active Cultures certified seal provides independent frozen yogurt manufacturers, distributors and marketers of Real Dairy and Live & Active Cultures frozen yogurt with information for their end users who want to provide awareness to their consumers that they offer frozen yogurt made from real dairy ingredients and live & active cultures. 

Users of this seal are involved in advancing the interests of real dairy frozen yogurt containing live & active cultures.  In addition, it helps end users validate to their consumers that they are serving live & active frozen yogurt culture products, as well as promote the healthful attributes associated with the consumption of these products.  This, in turn, increases the consumption of live & active culture frozen yogurt.  



The certified seal is backed by certified third party laboratory test results of manufactured finished product.  This certified seal is voluntary by the manufacturer and provided to end users who use product exclusively from a manufacturer that has had their product tested by two certified third party laboratories.  Some frozen yogurt products are powder or heat-treated before adding cultures, which kills most of the beneficial active cultures found in the frozen yogurt.  To help the end user to identify those frozen yogurt products that are made with real dairy and contain live & active cultures after time of manufacturing, look for the Certified Real Dairy and Live & Active Cultures seal.  The Certified Real Dairy and Live & Active Cultures seal, which appears on frozen yogurt labels, helps end users and consumers to recognize those products containing significant amounts of live and active cultures.  The seal is a voluntary identification available from the frozen yogurt manufacturers whose products have been laboratory tested to contain viable live and active cultures after the point of manufacturing, and real dairy product which has been pasteurized and homogenized and made from dairy ingredients.  Since the Certified Real Dairy and Live & Active Cultures seal program is voluntary, some frozen yogurt products may have some live cultures but not carry the seal.  It is, however, the certified validation by two third party laboratories after production in finished goods (the product) for the presence and activity of significant levels of live cultures that is paramount.  


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